Exit Ø Customs first opened up shop in Denver, CO in 2002; we relocated to Riverside, CA in 2010, although we continue to work with businesses and customers world-wide. Though we’ve drastically increased our machining and fabrication capabilities and expanded our facilities to become a one-stop shop, we are still a family owned business.

All projects are completed locally in-house, using our own equipment. We pride ourselves on using all-American made products, including American milled steel.  Exit Ø Customs is committed to meeting our customers’ requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of products, services and the quality management system.

Exit Ø Customs has invested significant time and effort in cultivating lasting relationships with customers. Its strength lies in the ability to help customers transform their ideas and requirements into first-rate manufacturing solutions. This process originates with our exceptionally strong infrastructure and our extensive use of state-of the-art machining technologies.

Work is accepted by appointment only.

Exit 0 Customs - Specializing in Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Off-Road Vehicles