Diagnostics & Tuning

Exit Ø Customs uses the latest equipment to diagnose problems.

The Ross-Tech Vag-com is the leading scan tool for vw and audi’s.

Actron makes one of the most powerful universal diagnostic and scan tools on the market.

Innovate Motorsports wide band Air/Fuel ratio monitoring system with multiple sensor data logging capabilities.

Efi-Live connects a laptop computer to a vehicle allowing us to diagnose faults, record data and tune your vehicle. This works on any GM car/truck made after 1998 and both unleaded and diesel fuel motors. EFI-LIVE also allows us to remap all of your ECU’s functions to gain you maximum performance while keeping all the safeguards in place GM spent years perfecting.

Eurodyne Maestro 7 tuning suite a complete high speed data logging package that provides graphing and map tracing features and the Maestro map editor.This powerful software package allows access to all relevant maps,scalars and switches inside the ECU binary. Maestro 7 works with most vw/audi’s made after 2001.